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Chances are, knowing today’s society, it would be at a party or a sleepover…I think…

Well, the thing is, most of my knowledge (if one can really call it that…) about teenage culture is from TV. And based off TV, wild parties (98% of the time involving copious amounts of alcohol) and sleepovers are the usual suspects for girl-on-girl kissing to occur. Actually, I do have some real life knowledge in the matter…someone I know who kissed a girl (and was a girl) did so at a sleepover that involved copious amounts of alcohol. Proof? I’d like to think so.

But what’s so weird about kissing a girl? Or, to make this more general, what’s so weird about kissing a member of your own sex? But then again, what’s up with this “kissing” thing anyways? Whoever decided that the best way to show romantic affection is by making contact through the lips?

Heh – imagine a world where lovers touched…like…armpits or something… Hard to imagine? Well, how about if humans came with large horns out of the spot where the skull makes contact with the spinal cord, and affection was shown by rubbing those horns together? See, it could always get weirder…

Oh, I just remembered…I actually have two real life pieces of knowledge of girl-on-girl kissing…the other was between two friends at school, but this one was just a quick and cute peck. Therefore, I assume that the real issue (if any) is with the “deeper” stuff, right?

Good, now that that’s settled, there’s still the matter of exactly why kissing someone from your gender is so odd (providing that they aren’t in a “relationship” (I quotation relationship because I am a slight cynic. If this blog lasts that long, I might explain my views on that someday…) that is intentional).

I suppose the only answer that I can come up with is that on some level, all of us are homophobic (well, except the ones of us who are openly homosexual…). This sentiment is probably left over from the days where homosexuality was deemed a sin to discourage it (every gay couple equaled several never-born children that were needed to ensure survival of fledgling civilizations). And, if we’re not afraid, at the very least, we possess a strange fascination with it.

Then again, maybe most of us are afraid, no matter how much the defensive ones exclaim that “I have billions of friends that are gay! How could I possibly be homophobic?!” Well, if you think about it, I believe I have proof that supports this statement. See, there is the part of the population that will always refuse to kiss someone of their own gender for one reason or another. That is fear; fear of the unknown, fear of the strange, fear of uncertain experiences, fear of discovering something that they’d rather not deal with (even if really have nothing to worry about). On the other side there are the people who will do it, but for the wrong reasons. They do it with the help of alcohol , to prove that they are “daring”, etc… True, they may be overcoming a fear, but still not the right one; they’re overcoming inhibitions, shyness, uncertainty. However, by choosing to partake in a homosexual-ish activity to overcome those fears, don’t they simultaneously prove that they are not 100% comfortable with homosexuality?

Don’t understand? Well take the example of the bungee jumpers. They do it for the thrill, the rush. To get those exhilarating, tingly feeling, they jump off a high-altitude location to provoke a rush of adrenaline, amongst other chemicals. However, aren’t bio-chemical reactions produced from mental command and stimulus? Therefore, to provoke that rush of chemicals, the brain first needs to perceive a reason to start that rush – the brain needs to recognize the extreme height as a threat; it needs to fear the height. But if the brain didn’t feel afraid of the height, why bother jumping off the bridge? If there is no fear, then the only thing that will be gotten out of bungee jumping is a head full of blood, and that’s only from gravity. So the bungee jumpers brave the heights of the world, face them down, and take the leaps; however, despite their actions, the fact still remains – they are afraid of heights.

I hope my point is clearer by now. If you’re going to prove that you’re daring by kissing a girl/guy (whichever one’s applicable), you are showing that you acknowledge the fact that one part of you finds the situation shocking and uncomfortable. While the fact remains that you have overcome your fear of the action, you still fear the concept behind it.

Now, that’s not to say that I support the right-wing movements to limit or abolish gay rights. Actually, I’m wholly against it; if people are gay, that makes them no less human, and they should accordingly have equal rights. In fact, I believe that my point supports my view; nobody is 100% comfortable with homosexuality, and some of us downright fear it. But that is no reason to irradicate it from society; the existance of homosexuality does us no harm (especially since lack of population is the very least of our problems nowadays). So like millions of other people do with their fears on a daily basis, get over it. You can still fear it, but don’t let it affect the way you carry about your life and especially not the way others choose to carry about their perfectly harmless lives.


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