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You know, I’ve been pondering about the current state of our language…our language being English.

Since when has chatspeak become an integrated part of our language? I mean, it’s not like I’m totally against it – it sure helps when I’m taking notes in class – it’s just that, well…when did it become so accepted everywhere? And when did people start questioning it?

Take, for example, one of my classmates. She’s an intelligent girl (in fact, “intelligent” my be a slight understatement); her marks are pretty much all higher than 90%, which included all of the English marks. However, toss her on facebook, and what do we get?


how’s ur summer been so far?? how’s theory going?

we have to see each other sometime, 2 bad u couldn’t come to the pool:(
Victoria*’s leaving on the 13th :(:( so we need to all get together b4 then!
just wanted 2 say hi cause its been 4EVER!!”
*names have been altered for privacy

I mean, seriously! Here’s a very eloquent and diligent student, but once online, we get what? Multiple sad faces, that’s what! Why is no one questioning this very obvious and strangely disturbing (to me, anyways…) shift in quality of language?!

However, that is not what I find the most…interesting…what I don’t understand is how such chatspeak has become integrated in out vocal language? For instance, does anyone remember the Cingular commercial a few years back? (

Well, sad to say, I actually know a few people who, when they speak, sound like a less intense version of that txt-head of a little girl! For the love of Pete, where is this going to end?! Will we one day be seeing in bookstores:

“Hamlet: Chatspeak Edition

By William Shakespeare

Translation by Scott Wren”

Dear lord, if that day should ever come, may I die a quick and painless death.


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