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It’s becoming more and common; there’s no way to stop it, no way to control it; children are simply growing up waay faster than they used to!

What, you may ask, am I jabbering about? Well, for example, let me take you back to when I was in sixth grade. I was very excited because Mommy was finally letting me go on the internet without her in the room all the time! Ooh, this was definitely an opportunity not to be missed! Sitting on that special spinney chair, eagerly taking in that glowing screen which was announcing that NetScape was “initializing”…yup, a whole world open to me… And what did I do? Well, I spent 5 hours on Neopets; I didn’t know how to do anything else, and frankly, I don’t think there really was anything I could do.

However, nowadays, the internet has grown, and computers have become increasingly involved in our day-to-day lives. As such, even young children, with their insatiable curiosity, are capable of watching videos, installing software tweaks, posting messages and blog posts and…accessing a huge and horrible world of lies, illusions, and other *ahem* un-age-appropriate content.

And precisely what effect is all of these lies and illusions causing on our most precious of natural resources? They are (almost literally) growing up faster. Click three links, and box advertising breast implants pops up. Another link, and a box declaring that “miracle abs” are, indeed, possible! Then, seemingly with out stimulus, a box announcing that “your soulmate is a click away!” Finally, another like, the wrong link, and what happens? “Come visit the girls at!” Considering that some of these children are as young as 6 years old, what do you think is to come of all this?!

So why is it that I’m weirded out becuase everywhere I look, I see pole-thin 8-year old girls chatting (into their pink rhinestone cellphone, no less) about how she desperately need to drop some pounds to get Cute Jimmy to notice her, or 10-year-olds who wear more makeup than I do; I even overhear 12-year-olds on the bus (they seem to not realize it’s not a private place…) commenting on how last night’s party was fun, but there could have been more alcohol.

What the frick has happened to childhood?! When I was 8, I still thought boys were weird; when I was 10, I barely thought about brushing my hair (I only did it because my mom told me to); when I was 12, party food consisted of pizza, chips, and pop. Okay, so there is the possibility that I was simply an odd specimen, but as I recall, most of my classmates were the same way!

So parents, older siblings, I implore of you to take action! Help save childhood! Discourage your less-than-misddle-school girls from wearing makeup in public. Don’t buy them a cellphone when they can barely spell cellphone, let alone build their lifelong language skills from “txting”. Make them focus more on being fit over being skinny. Oh, and frankly, if the young’uns are ingesting illegal substances, at least let them know that it is possible to, I don’t know…die from them?! They should at least be aware…


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  1. Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template if you need any assistance customizing it let me know!

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