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Words are interesting, aren’t they? I mean where do they come from? What is the meaning behind them? And, perhaps the most interesting question concerning words: how do I make my own? (Actually, the most interesting question is “Who the frick decided to bring the terror which is ‘antidisestablishmentarianism‘ into this world?!”)

Well, concerning invention of words, I don’t find it that hard…especially with my small problem of thinking faster than my mouth, which results in stuttering and the running together of words. Well, that accounts for about 90% of my “invented” words. Others are actually creations of genius. However, due to the spread and reach of this earth, pretty much 0% of those words are /completely/ original…

Then again, today, whilst I was being accused of “secretly dating” one of my classmates, I came up with a wod that may or may not be considered original…

See, long story short, I tend to silently “hang out” in a computer lab of sorts at my school, as does another guy (“silently” part included). Now either because we like that quiet room, or we have no other lives, we tend to wind up alone in there when everyone else has left for other various activities. This, sadly, has led my friend to one conclusion: something must be going on… *waggles eyebrows*

Thus, whilst I was listening to her rant on this topic, I came up with a glorious word, combining “canoodling – to ahem fornicate” and “cahoots – a collaboration to nefarious ends” to get “cahoodling – to engage in canoodling-type activities in secret, possibly to nefarious ends”, which is more descriptive and sounds less…ickier than canoodling.

And, taadaa! I did a google search and discovered that I was the first to arrive at this word! Well, barring uses which do not reflect my given definition and some peoples’ typos. Oh, and a free entertainment site called “”, a free entertainment site…of sorts. I’m so happy ^^

Wait, what was my point again? Oh, right! Language is weird and interesting. I may take a course (or at least sit in on one) in university…And someday, I very much would like to see cahodling in the oxford english dictionary…


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