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Do you write? Do you draw? Do you create? Yes? Well good for you. This world needs a bit of creativity.

But do you ever get bored some lonely Saturday night (assuming those exist for you…) and go digging around your old stuff, only to look upon them with awed eyes, thinking “Wow…did I really do this all by my little wee lonesome?”

Then, of course, this incites you to do more digging; looking through that tattered box in your basement that counts as your “portfolio”; clicking through every blog post and Youtube comment you ever remember typing; all just to feel that sensation halfway between “wow, that’s interesting…” and “why oh why don’t I remember doing this?!”

Sound familiar? I really hope y’all are nodding your heads right now…

Well, then again, if I am the only person on the face of this planet to have ever noticed this feeling, then I think I can explain it…it’s 2:24 am on Monday, and I’m supposed to wake up and concentrate on Chemistry in 4 hours, yet I’m typing this…you put the pieces together.

Oh, well, I guess that’s supposed to be my cue; so long, farewell, and good night! (Don’t let the vampires bite!)


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