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My hair is giving me a headache. Not because I can’t decide on a style for it or whatever, but because it is so damn heavy.

My hair is, dare I say it, pretty thick, in that I have a lot of it. And it’s pretty long too, hanging down to about my armpits. I keep it in a low ponytail, and right now, it is so heavy that I can feel it pulling on my scalp.

Sometimes, the thought crosses my head that I should cut it; I probably should, seeing as it’s been a year minus about 2 months since it last saw a pair of scissors, but I’m just too lazy. No, not to go to a salon and spend who knows how long getting my head pampered (or so I imagine); no, I cut my own hair.

For a variety of reasons too, not just because it’s too expensive (even though it is), not just because I’m too lazy to find someone to whom I’d trust my long silky locks (not that my hair consists of “silky locks”), or any other reason. No, it’s because I’m lazy about my hair in general. You know how I mentioned that it’s in a low ponytail? Yeah, that’s pretty much my hair every single day, 24/7, except when I’m washing or brushing it. I’m like a cartoon character, you know, who never, ever changes his/her hairstyle, except in Wedding/Birthday Party/Picture Day episodes (and I’m even loathe to do it then).

Now why would I bother spending upwards of $15 (and that’s just at First Choice!) to get my hair all done up prettily when I would end up just throwing it into a ponytail, hmm?

See, these are the questions that keep me up at night.


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