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See, these days, I’ve been on a kick, entitled the “I-hate-annoying-attention-seekers kick”.

You know the type…every sentence out of their mouth is “Guess what I did?”, “You know what really annoys me?”, “I hate/love my…”, etc. The new creeper-style Facebook is always updating itself with status changes, every photo tagged with their picture immediately gets commented with “OMG, look at me! I’m so…”. The ones that make you listen to every new song on their iPod, and complain loudly when the songs being played anywhere else are not to their liking.

Truth is, they’re everywhere, especially in this new age of Twittering, blogging, and Facebook-ing, and especially since I am a teenager, who hangs out with other teenagers. And really, who am I to complain about them? Heck, the fact that I’m even typing this shows quite plainly that I am one.

But it bugs me how much the desire to attract attention runs our lives. We buy and wear shiny new clothes (brand names optional), post our creations and innermost thoughts on the internet, audition for reality shows, all chasing that subconscious desire that someone out there will notice you, want to know you, and be interested in everything you are. In fact, in some people, I could swear that I’m even starting to see them only as pathetic soul walking around with giant “WATCH ME!” sandwich boards.

Which is precicely why I am terrified of becoming one of “them” (I know, us-vs-them mentality, not good, yada yada yada). I’m so terrified that on my way to school one day in a new outfit, I was considering to myself that I only wore that thing to get compliments, and that I was in massive denial when I tried to assure myself that I didn’t.

See?! I just told the internet something that nobody probably cares about! Ugh. I want so desperately to post idiosyncrasies in my Facebook status, post notes detailing anything about my day that I remember, force my musical tastes on the world However, if I do, I know very well that I will complete my transformation into one of them.

But, nonetheless, I can find solace that I update this blog so rarely with stuff of no interest to anyone else that no one reads it. I mean, occasionally, I get one or two page views, but barring that, that means that nobody’s reading this! I am can say whatever the heck I want! Hahahahaha! Plus, knowing that nobody reads this, I can delude myself into thinking that I’m not doing this as a cry for attention. Yay~!

So, I can do what I want to do, say what I want to say, and as long as I don’t infringe on any rights, I’m in the clear! I will post my worthless, pointless thoughts, all on this here blog, safe in my cocoon of knowledge that I can get it out of my system, and not become another drooling, raving, desperate-for-attention zombie.



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