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Okay, so this here’s been a pretty deserted corner of the internet for a looong time…I mean, I’ve been typing crap on here on a semi-regular basis, for at least half a year (whew, that’s a LONG time!), and there’s never been more than 12 views in a single day, every blue moon or so, and that’s just because I posted it onto a website that cycles randomly through blogs, just for kicks. For Christ’s sake, I’ve even only ever mentioned this place to my friends in passing when explaining how I got a free shirt from Threadless (which is why I happen to be advertising to to the right there)! I’ve pretty much become accustomed to the near-isolation, the freedom to write whatever I want without being judged, to goof off, change styles, experiment, all in, pretty much, the isolation of my own soul (see here)

But just now, I popped into my stats out of boredom, to find that I’ve somehow amassed 28 views in a day? And really, considering that it doesn’t add up to what the detailed statement says (only accounts for about 11 of ’em), I’ve gotta believe that WordPress is glitching in some way…right? It’s all just a massive mistake! Or…is it maybe possible that people actually care what I have to say? Oh my… *sniff*

I’d like to thank my parents, and my mentors…

Right, back to reality.

So anyway, I’m getting freaked out by this semi-massive spike (which it really is, if you look at the graphical representation of the past few days), since what’s accompanying it…is…nothing! Not that I’m complaining (I mean, pageviews themselves are supposed to be a good thing, right?), but 28 (alleged) views, a count that doesn’t add up, and no comments, no mentions on my deviantart…nothing to explain who, or what, is responsible for this sudden spike in pageviews!

And I would like to stress, I am, in no way, demanding comments like a spoiled little princess. Simply, I would like an explanation. I would like to ask…if you are reading this, how in h**l’s name did you manage to get here? Why? And, *ahem* what do you think?


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