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there’s so many things we could say, and all together too many things we do say
there’s a sense of debate here, a moral one, about rights
of course, all are entitled to say what they wish
and i suppose, in conjunction, they’re allowed to be heard
but what of the listeners?
do they have a right to not hear what they don’t need?
do they have a right to silence, and peace?
does some poor, weary soul’s desire for their partner to “just shut up and leave me alone” infringe on the speaker’s right to be heard?
does the peace-seeker deserve guilt for refusing to hear what others have to say?
or does the speaker deserve admonishment for infringing on the listener’s right to fulfill his desire for silence?
or is this all just nonsense, and I am to feel guilty for presenting this text into a world that doesn’t need it?


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