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The lines are blurring.
The world is shrinking.
(Literally, actually…)
There is no more hope.
Nothing left to live for.
It is…

The End of Days
(insert intense look)

Well, no, not really.
It’s just that I’m effing tired right now, and I still have a chem prelab to write for tomorrow, and it’s already 3:20 in the freaking morning, and I feel like making a useless commentary.

Seriously, who the hell even looks at this damn thing?!
I’ve got another blog now, one that I’ve actually taken the time to tell my friends about (once, a long time ago…). I mean, I used to take this blog, this’un right here, as the “one”, the one that, should anyone that I actually know personally find as “My Official Blog” and decide to read, it’d be it.
So I censored (sorta).
I kept main entries as less-than-personal rubbish, and shoved all my not-less-than-personal rubbish in a not-so-cleverly hidden page.
PS – I love hypenating multiple words to form one new superlong one.
Now, I have one that is, for all intents and purposes, public. As in “hey, friends of [my name], follow me as I write nonsense about my life that is actually related to me!”. So, where does that allocate this one?

Well, I’ve actually started thinking of this one as the “blog that no one will read”. I’ve started completely ignoring my “secret page” and just typing any old crap out here. Well, not really.

Sidenote: I’ve actually allocated the contents of my “secret page” to a .docx file on my computer, so I can bitch about my life all I want while naming names, throwing knives at people I know, and generally being as specific and evil as I want without worrying about anyone finding out. So, yeah…

I mean, this is the internet, after all. Don’t know who’s out there, can’t be too careful, now, can we?

Then again, short of actually posting my full address and schedule online, I suppose someone desperate and deranged could, in theory, find and stalk/steal from me…but that’s beside the point.

Point is: I have no clue where I’m going with any of my many blogs, and it is now 3:45am, and I still have that chem prelab to write. Ugh.


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