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It’s this…nagging feeling that rises up in your throat. That churns your stomach. That just makes you want to scream…

“Okay, is it even remotely possible for you to just shut your ‘effing yap for, like, one minute?!?!”

I mean, some people. They just go on, and on, and on, and even when they’re not speaking, they find ways to annoy you. Like, with facebook. ‘Effing facebook.

Seriously, some people, updating their status every other minute, always “liking” all of these stupid, useless groups/things/ughs! Do they not realize that people (namely me) simply do not care?! How is that not absolutely drilled through their massively thick skulls?!

I don’t care if they like that photo.

I don’t care if they’re hungry.

I don’t care if they’re simply heartbroken about the end of a relationship that, frankly, was an idiotic endeavor to begin with.

Ooh…I just had a thought: I’m not exactly being subtle, am I? Anyone who knows me would know who is behind this blog in an instant…

Oh well, if they don’t like what’s written here, they can go suck their own asses.

But, back to the point; why are these people incapable of just, you know, shutting up?! And, well, Betty White has a point: looking at someone else’s vacation photos is a punishment, especially if the damn albums are all 200 photos long, and I have a slow ISP.

And another thing: what makes a photo good? Especially if it’s just a shot of some scenery or some ancient building? Especially if I know very well that, behind the (dSLR) camera, is just a clueless tourist on auto mode? (Okay, maybe “clueless” is a little harsh, but hey, it makes the phrasing sound good?)

I mean, the subject matter is about as cool as it’s gonna be; if it’s the friggin’ Coliseum, then either way, no matter how it winds up getting captured in photography, it’s still the friggin’ Coliseum (ie. majorly awesome). So what makes it good? What makes you decide to “like” one on facebook and not the others? Composition? Colours? How much it makes you challenge society’s preconceptions on the Ancient Romans? Yeah, don’t really think so…

I’m serious here. I’m actually begging whoever’s reading this to answer me! I need to know. I don’t even care if how you decide is as simple as “well, I like this person, I’m jealous that s/he went on this vacation, and all the photos look sorta the same, so I’ll just “like” the ones that the least amount of other people have “liked”…you know, for variety”. Or even that you “like” the ones that the most other people have “liked”, because you too, have no idea what constitutes a good photo, and you figure that if other people “liked” it, then they must have some idea what constitutes a good photo, so…there.

Honestly, I have no clue. Is that really all there is? Are people so collectively clueless about the aesthetics of photography that this (see above paragraph) is all we’ve been reduced to? I hope not…

Come on, people, prove me wrong!


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