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I predict that nobody but myself will read this text. Even though I will post this on the internet, and make it fuuuully public, NOBODY will read this. I guarantee it.

So, in light of this “no one will read this” mentality, I will write down a few things that I believe may provoke somebody to comment should they read it, so’s to test the un-read-ness of this text:

  1. Frankly, the Last Airbender movie was excellent. Although I haven’t seen it myself, judging by the previews, I can safely say that the movie is of excellent quality.
  2. I believe that my place of employment is somehow cursed to become some sort of homing beacon to ex-boyfriends. I have, so far, seen two of my friends’ exes (as well as my high school’s ex student council president – does he count? He was, after all, sort of like a boyfriend to the entire school, for a while…sorta…). I do not look forward to the day when my own walks through those commercial-grade glass doors, seeking ice cream…
  3. As I type this, I am fully nude. Well, underneath my PJs and underwear, of course…but I choose not to acknowledge that.

Hmm…this is fun. I may continue with this practice of posting of titillating half-truths that no one will ever read…

With very bad sentence structure and grammar, of course!!


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