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Okay, so it is 3:33am, and I have class tomorrow morning at 8:30am! Do you what that means?! That’s right! More half-truths and outrageous lies that only I will ever read! W00t.

  1. I will wake up perfectly refreshed and wide awake tomorrow morning! Honest!
  2. I am very, very excited for the season premiere of Glee. I am in no way worried that the awesome-ness of last year’s season will be tarnished by a less awesome second season that may contain no more Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff (Oh Melchior…), and that may contain a lackluster attempt to get Kurt a boyfriend that either pisses off the Gay community or ruins Kurt’s awesomeness. Also not on my list of worries is that the new focus to be put on the silent Asian and Black Football Players will fall flat as they simply become annoying character with no real issues that distracts from more interesting drama, and that the revelation that Sue doesn’t hate the Glee club as much as she thought will deprive the show of a deliciously nasty “foe”. Yupp, totally stoked!
  3. I’ve noticed that my sense of humor has moved away from its old target of self deprecation…it is making me a lot more comfortable with presenting an image of myself to the public.
  4. I got asked for my number by a random dude at a Harvey’s today. I gave it to him (or, technically, his friend), but not because I was too shell-shocked to say no. I am, in no way, kind of creeped out and I totally know how to proceed from here.
  5. It is not totally late, and I will not be heading off to bed now.

Good day!

…I said GOOD DAY!


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