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Okay, so today (while procrastinating on my homework…), I took a quick look at this blog, and I came to a conclusion: it’s a rather negative presentation of who I am, doesn’t it?

And of course it would…I tend to only blog when it’s three in the morning, I’m half-awake, yet unwilling to go to bed, deliriously airing out whatever dirty laundry happens to be hanging out in my brain at the moment. And while it may be good for my psyche, it sure as hell isn’t good for the impression I’m putting out there.

So, just to clear up: you must know that about 90% of the posts are created out of sleep-deprivation, and in no way paints a clear picture of who I am after a good night’s sleep (though I’m not to clear on what exactly that is anymore…stupid uni…).

There…all fixed?


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