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It’s not really that hard for someone like me to disappear off the face of the earth.

“Someone like me” being an introvert who has a bad habit of not keeping up with correspondences.

I mean, if it happened at the right time, if I told the right people the right things, I could be gone for a rather long time before anyone started to ask questions.

Jeez, that’s a depressing thought…if I were abducted, my case would probably be “cold” before it even became a case…

Then again, if I were abducted, that’d be another story…since I live with people, they’d most likely notice after a bit…I think.

But if I wanted to disappear for a small age, I think it’d be perfectly possible. Living in two different cities tends to help with this. I’d have to plan for a while, of course. I am still rather dependent on my parental(s) for support, so I’d have to start off my withdrawing small amounts of money from my bank account for a long time. You know, $20-60 every week, something like that.

Then, I think the perfect time to leave would be summer. Right after exams end. All I’d have to do is tell the roommate and school friends that I’m going home for the summer, and tell the parental(s) and the home friends that I’m staying at school for…research or a job of summer school…some crap like that.

Then, with my accumulated cash, I suppose I’d be free to, I dunno, run off to Disneyland or something.

If I really didn’t want to be found, if I really didn’t want people to look for me, then in case people try to contact me, then I shouldn’t give them any reason to believe that I’m where I’m not… The parental(s), though they don’t contact me much, do tend to send me emails, and if a semi-urgent issue did come up and I didn’t reply at all to even that, then they’d probably get worried. And if the parentals get worried, then my friends will get called. And if the friends get called, then eventually, something’s gonna pop up on Facebook, or Twitter, or something. That’s when the manhunt (girlhunt?) would start, wouldn’t it…

So, maybe the occasional email to home, the nonfrequent Facebook status saying something like “suuuper busyy!! I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing! lol” would quell everyone’s suspicions.

Of course, does it really count as disappearing if I keep up minor contact?

Then again, is my goal here really to disappear, or just to hide?

Well, that’s to be decided by the disappear-er, isn’t it?

So, I suppose that plan would work…either until someone starts creating Facebook groups called “INTROVERTED UNIVERSITY STUDENT MISSING!!”, or until the summer term ended. Then shiz would really fall apart, and that would not be good. Not good at all…

Of course, with my current life, the disappearing act is impossible, long-term, anyway. Maybe it’d get easier once I graduate. Once I’m out in the real world. It’d require quitting any job I have, but still, hey, it’d be possible to pull off in terms of years by then.

Hmm? What? Me? Oh no, I’m not actually thinking of doing this. Well, maybe, replace “whole summer” with, like, a day, a weekend max, and replace “Disneyland” with…um…okay, so I don’t really have anywhere to disappear to, but still… Oh, and I’d probably have to come clean to my mom from the beginning and (try to) swear her to secrecy. If I so much as go on a solo bike ride for a few hours without leaving a note and bringing a cellphone, she starts dialing my friends. Definitely a hindrance. And if I was at school, I’d probably have to lie to my roommate…if I’m at a lab partner’s house working on a lab report past 1am, she freaks out and FBs me if I don’t leave a note (even though I did leave a not…she just didn’t see it somehow…).

Oh, right…so what’s the point of this? No point really. I just really need to study for an exam, and I’m procrastinating – the time when my thoughts flow the most freely, of course. :/


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